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      英文簡介   當前位置: 首頁  英文簡介

      The School of Business Administration, Hohai University (HHUSBA) is a teaching and research institute focusing on economics and management. It consists of 4 departments: Business Administration, Accounting, International Economics and Trade, and Information Management.


      Research Institutes & Platforms

      HHUSBA has set up many research institutes, including

      2  Research Institute of Statistics and Data Science

      2  Research Institute of Low Carbon Economy (Sunan Economic Development and Research Institute)

      2  Research Institute of Enterprise Management

      2  Research Center of System Engineering and Management Innovation.

      In addition, HHUSBA also has two distinctive municipal research platforms:

      2  Changzhou Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Reform, Development Research Center

      2  “The Belt and Road” African Research Center of Changzhou Academy of Social Sciences



      HHUSBA has a faculty of high academic caliber. Currently, there are 65 faculty and staff, including 49 full-time teachers48.9% of them have doctoral degrees. There are 25 professors and associate professors, 23 of them are Ph.D. supervisors or master supervisors.


      Education Programs

      HHUSBA provides 4 undergraduate programs (Business Administration, Accounting, International Economics and Trade, Information System and Information Management), and enrolls over 1,500 full-time undergraduate students.

      HHUSBA also provides 2 doctoral programs (Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration), many postgraduate programs (Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics, etc. Low Carbon Economics, Socioeconomic Statistics and Library Information are fully constructed by HHUSBA), and master of Industrial Engineering.


      Research Achievements

      In the past five years, HHUSBA has accomplished more than 15 million yuan in scientific research contract funds, obtained 11 projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation, and obtained more than 20 projects sponsored by provincial and ministerial level scientific research foundation. The school has published 20 scholarly monographs and over 300 papers, and also received nearly 30 provincial and ministerial level and above awards of teaching and technology.


      Educational Features

      HHUSBA has formed a distinctive character in undergraduate education:

      2  Elite Undergraduate Teaching Program (EUTP)

      2  Strengthened specialty construction

      2  Education internationalization

      2  Cultivation of students’ innovative ability and entrepreneurship


      The employment rate of graduates has remained above 97% in the past three years. A large number of graduates have become operational backbones and they have won a high reputation for Alma Mater.



      Address200 North Jinling Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, PR. China

      Tel+86-0519-85191811  E-mailqigy@hhuc.edu.cn 


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